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The most poetic city of Crete when you walk through it leaves you with a pleasant taste of beauty. The city has two entrances: the airport of Akrotiri, and the port of Souda . The public market holds a master place in the center of the city, a brilliant cross-shaped building that was completed in 1913, and in proportion with the one in

The prefecture of Chania is located in the western part of the island of Crete. Its capital is the town of Hania, the second in size town of the island, the so-called "town of flowers". The town has one of the most beautiful and graphic ports,, with a big Venetian lighthouse. The lighthouse enhances the beauty of the port even more. Inside the tow n, there are Venetian, Turkish and neoclassic buildings. The prefecture of Chania has many natural sights, beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and historical and archeological sights. Caverns and gorgeous gorges exist in various regions. The most important is the famous Samaria Gorge, which is visited by thousands of people from all over the world every year. The gorge of Theriso is well known for its historical importance in addition to its natural beauty. The only lake in Crete can be found here. It is named Kournas Lake. In the prefecture of Chania, apart from the archeological and folkloric museums, you can see many monasteries, which age back to the 16th century or even before then. There are also Orthodox and Catholic churches. Festivities are performed each year in these churches whenever the Saint of each church is celebrated. Anyone can attend these festivities, taste the traditional foods made by the local people on the occasion, and also try the famous Cretan wine, tsikoudia or raki. We should also mention the artistic, folkloric and social activities, which take place in different parts of the prefecture and reflect the features of the Cretan people. Throughout the prefecture, one can enjoy the beautiful coastline or mountainous villages. The green of nature prevails enhanced by lots of natural springs and rivers. These trips can be made with the short or long distance buses of K.T.E.L. which provide access to almost all the regions of the prefecture. Connection with the other prefectures is achieved through the coastal high way or through smaller regional roads. Great personalities of politics, literature and art were born in Chania. Leading figure is that of Eleftherios Venizelos, who was one of the greatest if not the greatest political figures of modern Greece. He served as Prime Minister of Greece and he had a very important role in the evolution of our country. Eleftherios Venizelos lies forever in the family tomb, located in the area of Profiti Ilia. This area is in one of the most beautiful regions of the prefecture. The visitor can enjoy the view of the town from here while visiting the tomb.
The airport of Chania is located in the region of Akrotiri in Sternes. It is 14 km away from the center of the town. Connection through air with Athens and other regions of Greece is regular. Many charter flights come from abroad.
A beautiful natural harbor is located in the city of Souda at a distance of 8 km from the center of the town of Chania. Modern ferries provide daily connection with Piraeus and other islands.
Connection with the south of Peloponissos in the Greek mainland is also through the port of Kissamos. In certain places, there are smaller ships that carry people on short expeditions from one coastline area to the other



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