Lassithi Plateau

Location:  Lassithi, LAssithi
Lassithi plateau windmills

Lassithi plateau is surrounded by the peaks of Dikti at an altitude of more than 800m. It is permanently inhabited throughout the year and is one of the most beautiful areas in Crete. It's a green fertile valley full of cultivation of potatoes, vegetables, fruit and almond trees. Lassithi's 7000 white sailed wind mills, complete the beauty of the scenery, but they are also used for watering the fields.

Province Lassithi is said the westerner than the four homonym Prefecture of Crete. It has extent of 121 q. kilometers from that 38 are agricultural expanse. The (Plateau of) Lassithi is something that it escapes from the human imagination. It undeniably constitutes one from most graphic, more beautiful, more admirable regions not only Crete, but also the entire world. Has a separate beauty, a charm differently from that of other regions, something that him does not meet no one often somewhere elsewhere. He is full from landscapes natural good and sees sights. At the same time does the plateau Lassithi resemble with a enormous natural fortress that you say and some divine hand him it manufactured with superabundant charm, beauty and art. These are also the reason that, according to the ancient sources and the delivery, the god Re'a came for gave birth Jupiter (Zeus), as well as the Jupiter brought here Europe and slept with her, after him it stole from the Phoenicia (ancient mythological country). In the past the plain was irrigated by whited-sailled windmills, 10 000 in all. This scenic way of supplying water was designed by Cretan engineers. Although very few windmills are in use today, it still makes a splendid sight against the mountains. Winter months can be very cold, and there is often snow in the plain and the mountains until well into the month of April. In the surrounding country side there are several caves of archaeological interest, one of which is the Trapeza cave, east of the village at a height of 90 metres above the plain, and the other is the Dictaion Andron, the birthplace of Zeus according to Greek Mythology.



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