Castle of Heraklion

Location:  Heraklion, Heraklion
Koule Koule Castle Koule 01 Koule 02
Koule 03
Opened: 11/5/2003

Known also as "Megalo Koule" which stands at the entrance of the Venetian harbour and is said to be the best-preserved sample of the city's Venetian fortification.

It was originally built by the Venetians in the 13th century and was destroyed by two strong earthquakes, in 1303 and 1500. It was rebuilt in 1523 - 1540 and was named "Rocca al Mare". The Castle grounds housed the port authorities, prisons and storage-rooms. When Heraklio came under Turkish Occupation, mosques were built in the yard and the castle was renamed "Koule". Today, one can see a large part of the building, part of a mosque, signs of Morozini and the lions of St Marcus, symbols of the Venetian Rule. From the Castle, the view of the city and the port is impressive. But the island's history and civilization does not stop here. Many archaeological finds are kept in both Archaeological and Historic & Ethnologic museums as described below.



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