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Location:  Malia, Malia
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Malia is one of the busiest tourist resorts on the island. If you love English food on holiday you will love this place! I stayed here at the beginning of the holiday season (the resort itself only 'opened' 2 weeks before I arrived), and it was still busy. However at this time of year it attracts more German visitors, couples and children. In the summer I know it is dominated by English yobs

There are two totally different parts to Malia. The Beach Road area, full of clubs, pubs and tacky restaurants, and the Old Town. These are separated by an extremely busy crossroads, along which many locals 'hang out'. The old Town is extremely quaint and peaceful but can get very hot as it is extremely sheltered.
The beach is quite small for the amount of people I imagine will 'hit' it in summer. The main stretch is littered with bars and deck chair hirers. If you walk up a little you can be guaranteed a more peaceful area - walk up too far (like we did!) and you will come across a nudist area (don't think it was official but quite embarrassing suddenly stumbling across several naked bodies in the sand dunes!!). There are several waterparks nearby, although these weren't open at the time of our visit
One of the trips you must take is to see the Palace of Malia. This is about 2 miles from the centre of Malia, you can either walk along the road (sign posted to Ayios Nikolaos, any bus bound for here will stop at the palace enroute) or along the beach. This has never been reconstructed and is worth getting a book for as it is difficult to work out what some of the remains are
Ok, I can tell you are getting bored now (or you may have skipped to this bit!), so I will conclude (phew! I hear you say!). I had an excellent holiday in Crete, mainly due to the fact that I didn't stay in my resort. Malia is a great place, don't get me wrong - the nightlife is superb! But to really see the island you need to get out and about.



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