Plakias is one of the most beatiful places in Crete

Location:  Rethymno, CRETE

the old fishing village of



The old Cretan fishing village of Plakias with its little harbour, lies in a particulary beautiful landscape between the blue Libyan Sea and vast majestic mountains that edge down to one of the loveliest bays on the south coast.
It is about one and a half hour's drive from Chania or Heraklion Many years ago, there were only a few houses, but today, because of its delightful setting, the village has spread to cater for the growing numbers of tourists, who have told each other of this special place that they have found. However, it still retains its particular Cretan character and has kept its laid back charm.
The bay has a long sand and shingle beach between headlands, that gets sandier the farther you go from the village.



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