The monastery of Preveli

Location:  Monastery of Preveli, Rethymnou
Opened: 2/23/2004

The monastery of Preveli is really a unique place!

The monastery of Preveli is situated 35.5 km south of Rethymno,in an area of unique natural beauty. It was built in 1670 by Abbot Prevelis, upon the ruins of an earlier monastery which was destroyed by the Turks in 1646. According toanother version, the monastery was built by the feudallord Prevelis, who offered his land to the monks, along with the chapel of St. John which was built in the state. During the Cretan battle against the Turks and the German Occupation, the monastery contributed significantly to the Greek struggle for liberty and independence, as it provided refuge to all fighters, Greek and allies.



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