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Terms And Conditions Suppliers


By signing up to milatos .com if you are a hotelier or car rental supplier you accept that 1) you fully understand english and 2) you are the beneficial owner of this business and you have all the rights to promote your bussiness and accept payments through bookings made with the assistance of online booking milatos.com .

milatos.com User Agreement 

Notwithstanding and in addition to the prevailing country, federal, state, and local statutes, Supplier agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions. Supplier agrees to build inventory in the milatos.com system within 30 days of receiving notification that their milatos.com account is active. milatos.com reserves the  right to remove suppliers from the milatos.com system if inventory is not built within 30 days. Also within 30 days supplier should acquire a business or premiere account with paypal.com so that online payments can be executed .  After building inventory and before going live supplier should notify      milatos.com for a final technical review & approval .

Supplier is solely responsible for the maintenance of rates and inventory in the milatos.com system. Supplier       agrees to be bound by rates and availability they entered into the milatos.com system. milatos.com is not responsible for any information provided by Supplier to the milatos.com system. The milatos.com system notifies supplier of reservations made against inventory in the system via email. Supplier retains full responsibility for the reservation. Supplier must monitor email on a regular basis (at least daily) to receive timely notifications of reservations. In all cases Supplier retains full responsibility for fulfilling any reservations made against Supplier\'s inventory in the milatos.com system. milatos.com reservations are guaranteed reservations! If Supplier fails to fulfill a reservation made through         the milatos.com system, Supplier will be liable for finding the client similar nearby products at the same price , providing transportation , and other reasonable actions involved in satisfying the client\'s needs. However as our online booking system provides accurate realtime availability , overbookings cannot be recorded . If happened that is because the inventory has been filled from the Supplier with false data . If this happens (Supplier fails to fulfill a reservation) ,milatos.com reserves the right to remove supplier without          any prior notice .